The Council of Ministers is composed of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs or any other Minister or authority designated by the Member States.

The Ministers of Economy, Hydrocarbons, Fishery Resources, Mines, Environment or any other Minister may also meet in case of need.

The Council meets once a year in ordinary session and at any time, in special session, by the request of any Member State and subject to the agreement of the majority of 2/3 of Member States.

The Council reports to the Summit. Its tasks are:

  1. Prepare the sessions of the Summit;
  2. Promoting any actions aimed at achieving the objectives set out in Article 2 of this Treaty, within the framework of the general policy set by the Summit;
  3. To this end, develop and propose appropriate general policy measures;
  4. Know all the issues that the Summit designates;
  5. Implement cooperation policy in accordance with the general policy defined by the Summit;
  6. Create the Committees and establish the competences;

The Council is assisted in carrying out its tasks by specialized committees of this Treaty.

The Council takes decisions by consensus or failing that, by a majority of two thirds of the States present.  To meet and deliberate legitimately, the required quorum is 2/3 of the Commission’s Member States.