Republic of Congo

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President of the Republic

Denis Sassou Nguesso

National Holiday  15 August
Official Language  French
Currency  Franco CFA XAF
Capital Brazzaville (1.3 Million Inhabitants)
Major Cities Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, Dolisie, Nkayi, Ouesso
Major Seaports  Pointe Noire
Principal Natural Resources Oil (300 Thousand Barrels/day), wood, natural gas, gold, lead and copper
Borders Gabon, RDC, Cameroon, Angola e Central-African Republic
Surface Area 342.000 Sq. Km
Population (2013) 4 448 0000
Urban Population (2013): 41.72%
GNP USD 14.09 Millions
GDP Per Capita (2013) USD 2 590
Growth Rate (IMF, 2014): 6%

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