Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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President of the Republic

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

National Holiday  12 October
Official Language  Spanish, French, Portuguese
Currency  Franco CFA XAF
Capital Malabo (200 Thousand Inhabitants)
Major Cities Malabo, Bata
Major Seaports  Malabo, Bata, Luba
Principal Natural Resources  Oil (270 Thousand Barrels/day), natural gas, bauxite, wood, gold, sand and gravel
Borders Cameroon and Gabon
Surface Area 28 051 Sq. Km
Population (2013) 0.75 Million
Urban Population (2013): 40%
GNP (2013) USD 15,580 Millions
GNP Per Capita (BM, 2013) USD 14 320
Growth Rate (IMF, 2013): – 4,8%

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